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Crypterium licensed app

Crypterium is a licensed, fully regulated financial institution in the European Union. Account is protected by a 3-layer security, anti-fraud protocol and insured by BitGo

Userfriendly mobile appWe understand the importance of having finger on the pulse of cryptomarket. That's why we released a new mobile app considering your requests. It will help you to face this challenge

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Crypterium is used in over 170 countries, leading the world's most global crypto startups. Our focus markets are the UK, EU, India, USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia

The capitalization of the digital currency market equals 1% of the traditional financial market. Under current conditions, the standard annual business growth rate is over 200% 

We have prepared special conditions for our community and CRPT holders and huge bonuses for investors joining our first investment round

In the last 2 years already more than 380,000 customers registered in Crypterium. Following our launch of B2B solutions we expect to have over 5mln users before the end of 2022

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